Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Miscellany

A few random links on a slow Monday in August: This may not be the freakiest "former Caps mascot" story you'll ever read about, but it may be the most ridiculous (Joe Finley awaits, campers!).... Speaking of summer camp, do you love Jesus and hockey? Have I got the camp for you (and as a bonus, we get another in our "Where Is That Crappy Former Caps Blueliner Now?" series).... Actually, here's yet another crappy former Caps blueliner making the news recently.... Finally, check out what a third crappy former Caps rearguard (who went on to have a decent career) is up to these days.


Stella said...

So what's happening with Vezina Meteoric then Crash-n-Burn former Caps' (and Bruins, right?) goalie Jim 'the Net Detective' Carey?

What's he doing now? Is there any update on this? -->

b.orr4 said...

The best thing about this past weekend is the Crosby turned 21. Now hopefully we'll all be spared another season of Sid "The Kid" references.

Andi said...

Can we light Huet up for a couple of hat tricks please? on Huet