Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday Press Hits

Caps GM George McPhee is making the media rounds today, with stops on Toronto's AM640's Leaf's Lunch (audio in two parts below) and locally on Sportstalk 980's John Thompson Show (link to audio).

McPhee's new goaltender, Jose Theodore, also made a radio appearance, talking to the guys on XM's Powerplay Show (audio via

Finally, thanks to Dmitry Chesnokov for passing along another translation of a Sovetsky Sport article in which Alex Ovechkin is asked about the Caps' goaltending situation:
Q: What do you think about Theodore’s arrival in Washington?

A: We needed a good goaltender because we were losing Huet. And our management made a though out move. I have only played once against Theodore in my career. It was last season. We played Colorado at home and won 2:1. Although, I didn’t score.

It is a shame that Huet didn’t stay [with Washington]. He was a great goaltender. But our future now lies with Theodore, and I am sure he won’t let us down.
For more on this last piece, head over to OFB.


Tyler said...

News tidbit there: GMGM says both the kid Gs are going to Hershey.

CapsKremlin said...

Theodore is the best choice in the long run. I hate to promote myself on another blog but I do it so maybe I can get some pointers from fans (and other bloggers) So here goes nothing.

btw JP i'm a fan of yours but I don't blame you if you delete this post for self promotion.

JP said...

No worries, CK, and welcome to the blogosphere - there's always room for one more!

usiel said...

Interesting regarding the young goalies...I wonder what that means for Machesney.

JP said...

I think Cheese is a very likely loaner candidate (and potentially a loner candidate, but that's neither here nor there).

keef said...

JP, thanks a ton for posting all of these audio interviews, I really appreciate it!

...and I still owe you a "real" beer from the Draft chat!

breed16 said...

Anyone else pleasantly surprised at how honest and talkative George has been these last few days?

I find his insight pretty fascinating.

bigonetimer said...

I still don't take him at his word that we're done with UFA's...If we don't get Feds, I think we need to spend that money on some new blood on D; we are no better there than last year, assuming Mo is back in the fold, and it's where we fell down vs. Philly. How bad would it really be (or how much would it take) to sign a Keith Carney