Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Green, Theodore And McPhee Conference Calls

Courtesy of WashingtonCaps.com, here are today's conference calls (video here):


Anonymous said...

McPhee stole my thought when I heard this. Zubris/Kozlov = Huet/Theodore. The key will be giving Jose a better set of Defensemen. Alzner is a start hopefully Orpik and ShaMo are next.


Anonymous said...

Alright, so we've retained a great D-man and replaced Huet with a good, solid, lateral move in net.

Now, can we please try to improve the roster? Keyword; improve.

DMG said...

I hate to sound cynical, but with the players and salary cap commitments the Capitals already have, I don't see them being able to get significantly better via free agency

The Peerless said...

If there is a silver lining in this, it is this set of numbers...


The first number is the difference in cap hit between Kolzig and Theodore.

The second (and this is the tarnish on the silver) is the Pothier cap hit that could come off the table.

The third is the amount that could be available to re-sign Fedorov, keep Laich, or even go after a mid-range defenseman.

At least there are options.

Anonymous said...

Feds is worth way more to Washington than he would be to other teams I believe. I just hope the Caps don't overpay.