Thursday, June 05, 2008

Superman In Skates

Hat tip to Tuvan Hillbilly for translating SovSport's interview with Alex Ovechkin upon the Great Eight's third Kharlamov Trophy win as Russia's best hockey player.

No doubt a fitting way to cap off a super season.

Click here for more pics from the event.


Anonymous said...

Did he get his nose fixed? It looks a lot better.

He sure cleans up well.

dcrock said...

Off topic, but who besides me was screaming "NNNNNOOOOOO DON'T TOUCH IT" when Bettman came out and kept his hand on the Cup while he was talking? It just seemed so...filthy.

JP said...

Sadly, after watching I-don't-know-how-many hockey games this season, my power was out last night due to the storm and I didn't see the game.

I must've pissed someone off, eh?

NS said...

good read.

@dcrock - it did feel dirty when bettman grabbed the cup. he is an awkward man, no doubt

dcrock said...

"awkward" is such a kind choice of word you selected.

Charlie G. said...

Where can I get that jersey???