Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Strong Local Ratings For Game Five

Hat tip to Ted's Take for pointing out yet another sign of D.C.'s (re-)emergence as a hockey town: take away the home cities of the two participants in last night's thrilling Game Five and only six cities in the entire country had a higher household viewership rating for the game than did your nation's capital.

Must be all those Pens fans that infest the Verizon Center when Sid and the boys come to town, right? [eye roll]


Hooks Orpik said...

Last night at the bar I frequent (which usually has a strong contingent of Pittsburgh fans, no matter the sport) there were much more Red Wing fans than Pens supporters.

Now granted it was a Monday night and the game was on a channel that everyone can actually get, but I was a little saddened to see not as much public support for the Pens as usual.

Anonymous said...


It's because people only back a winner in public. :)

Kevin said...

No sarcasm.

Very impressive. Perhaps there is hope for hockey in DC yet.

sonia said...

what i find most interesting about that (besides the fact that DC is on it- yay DC!) is that Las Vegas made the top ten.

CaptnClark said...

@ Sonia

True and just as interesting is who is tied with Philly (and one spot ahead of DC) - Nashville? This is the same city that had so little interest in their home team it nearly moved elsewhere.

Ogre said...

Nashville being on that list give me hope for the Predators. They'll probably always have the problem with their Titans that we'll have with our Redskins, but regardless.

I've been pulling hard for the Wings.

With all due respect to Hooks, don't you think that Crosby and his friends and the fans in Pen nation deserve what the Caps got in 1998? A home loss with the cup paraded around their home rink? Just sayin~~~