Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Afternoon Notes

A few somewhat random thoughts as the weekend begins:

Either John Anderson either spilled the beans on the Thrashers' opponent in their home opener (hint: it's the Caps), or he was looking at last year's schedule.... If the rumors of Jaromir Jagr possibly headed to Avanguard Omsk next season are to be believed, it's interesting (ok, "interesting" might be over-selling it) for a couple of reasons: first because he'll be wearing a jersey featuring an eagle swooping downward from right to left (again), and second because he might be a teammate of Ross Lupaschuk, who was part of the package that the Caps sent to Pittsburgh for J.J. nearly seven years ago.... I don't know how I missed this earlier, but apparently Mick McGeough will no longer be officiating NHL games. Huzzah!... Finally, Olie Kolzig apparently "didn’t get sour when [Cristobal] Huet was brought in and took over the starting role," and perhaps "he’ll embrace a backup role on a contender." Um, ok.


~Mark said...

If John Anderson was looking at last year's schedule... good luck with that coaching thing.

I'd love to see Jagr go to Russia. I'm just tired of hearing his name. It's really that simple.

Olie as a backup? Doubt it. He will find something to do rather than ride the pine and stink when he does start.

Anonymous said...

quite frankly i dont care, no, im happy kolzig is gone. we dont have the money to pay him more than a mil anyway, plus, thats all hes worth

Dan, Jr. said...

No more Mr. Magoo. That is good to hear!

I just hope Kolzig finds a situation that makes him happy. He's a good guy, but he will have to take a pay cut to play next season.

Andi said...

Can he take the guys who officiated the Caps/Flyers playoff games with him?

Brian said...

Two questions for the group while you enjoy your favorite cereal malt beverage:

1) Which teams could be looking for a goalie like Huet - someone probably asking around $5M/season for 3-4 seasons? Teams like LA might not want to be tied to 3-4 years when there are young, promising goalies in the organization. Teams like Ottawa may not be able to afford Huet at $5M. Teams like Chicago have to deal with current starting goalies making a lot of money. So, which clubs seem to have a true need for Huet-type salary numbers?

2) If Huet signs somewhere else, what realistic options does Washington have?

bigonetimer said...

Brian-I think the Caps will re-sign Huet but it's going to cost us because he's top dog in a thin market. If somehow he slips of the line, I'm for giving a run at Ty Conklin

Pierre said...

It's also interesting that one of Brooks Orpik's 'rumored destinations' is here. Hmmm. So that's if Greener is snatched away, I guess.

I agree with ~mark: Olie's got way better things to do than watch from the bench again.

wittcap79 said...

I wouldn't think that Green for Orpik is really a good switch. They are 2 COMPLETELY different types of Dman. Getting Orpik would not make up for losing Green, not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

wittcap79-No it wouldn't, but Green for Orpik plus five first round picks doesn't seem too bad. Still all that is irrelevant Green WILL be back next season the question is just how much will he be back for. Who I'm worried about is Huet. he apparently wants a three year deal which is perfect, wants to come back, and the team wants him back, so why the hell isn't he signed?!?!?!?! My fear is that this will turn into what the Sabres had last year, key players set on being free agents that supposedly wanted to come back both leave, and their top RFA gets hugely overpaid.

wittcap79 said...

Sure, for 5 1st round picks I agree. But who's REALLY gonna offer Green a $6.5M contract? That's a lot of coin for ONE good season, especially if it's with a team that doesn't play the same offense first style like the Caps.

Huet will get signed, I'm not worried about that one.

Kim said...

I want everyone back, but am getting more and more concerned that is not happening.

We cannot make a legitimate run to the SC without a top goalie. Signing Huet is critical (I love BJ, but...)

How can we not take a chance on Green. I just do not want to be having Scott Stevens flashbacks for the next decade. (I am not saying he is anywhere like SS, just saying I am tired of other teams getting our players). And since it appears the Rags are in line to get every RFA/UFA I am getting the shakes really fast.

We really need to get Laich back. If Clark is not there in the next few years, Ovie obviously has the C. I think it is a close call between Bradley and Laich to wear the A.

Why have Mo, Fehr and Gordon not signed? Is there any realistic chance that any of them get offers from other teams? Are the offers given them not fair? Any rumors???

B19 said...

Laich, and Huet will sign before July 1. Green and Morrisonn will wait and see what they can get on the open-market. I don't think they will sign an offer sheet. They just want to use it as negotiation leverage.

Fedorov looks like he's the only one not coming back.

Also if somebody signs Green to a crazy offersheet, like 8 years 7 million per, then I say walk away with the 4 1st round picks and sign someone like Mike commodore or Orpik.

exwhaler said...

>>>Why have Mo, Fehr and Gordon not signed? Is there any realistic chance that any of them get offers from other teams? Are the offers given them not fair? Any rumors???<<<

They're not signed because Huet and Green aren't signed. If they get everybody back, they're going to be very close. What Huet and Green get will dictate how much the team hands out to others.

Fehr will sign his qualifying offer; he has no reason not to. I can't see Gordon taking arbitration, and if the Caps are interested in more than a single year deal, he'll be easy and cheap to lock up. It's Morrisonn that will be tricky. Maybe a team takes advantage of the Green situation and sneaks Morrisonn away on an offer sheet, but I think Laich would be a more likely target.

Charles said...

I don't think fans should view the Orpik rumor (as made up as it might or might not be) as an Orpik for Green situation at all -- how about as replacement for Brian Pothier?

I'm not as concerned about our RFA situation as much as what we've read about what Pothier faces and has experienced. Do we find someone from the outside to fill his absence or rely on a fresh face from the farm to step up, hope for the best and maybe Pots returns?

So many factors to consider including, salary cap, health, readiness of Lepisto and Alzner, value of a veteran, and our track record with free-agent defensemen.

Makes for an interesting summer at least.