Monday, May 05, 2008

Varlamov's Worlds Over Before They Began

As Tarik told you a couple of days ago, Simeon Varlamov has been ruled out of the World Championships with a small tear in an ankle ligament. In case you didn't believe him, here's a picture of Varlamov on crutches before he headed back to Russia (thanks to SovSport's Dmitry Chesnokov for passing along Pavel Lysenkov's photo), and be sure to check back later for a couple more Russian hockey goodies:

Photo by Pavel Lysenkov


Anonymous said...

That's a bummer for the youngster and for the Capitals. We hope to see him at full strength this July at Kettler. It sounds like Neuvirth may be in worse shape injury wise than Varlamov. Last July, I enjoyed the show those 2 young guys put on.

~Mark said...

It's really hard to get too excited about him, but I so want to. Goalies in general are a crap-shoot, and Russian goalies maybe even more so. Let's hope between Neuvirth and Varlamov we have at least one stud in there!