Monday, May 12, 2008

Someone Has A Man-Crush

Some Swiss dude writing for the IIHF site really likes Alex Ovechkin, to the point that he has no problem putting him on the tourney's 200th Anniversary Team, which will be named one hundred years from now (presumably Alex Jr. and Alex III will be joining Ovie up front on the squad).


Kim said...

This guy knows what I have been saying all this last two/three seasons. Not only is Ovie a talented hockey player, the man is brilliant!

He knew what he needed to do to make it in the NHL. Score, but first and formost play for the team. Play physical. (And did I mention play for the team???)

When Alex came here and asked to be paired with a North American to learn the culture and language he was doing more than fitting in. He was demonstrating that he got it. Brilliant.

That knowledge, that joy, that brilliance, is what ladies and gentlemen will continue to set Alex above and beyond in years to come.

I continue to pinch myself that both my family and I get to see this brilliance first hand at Verizon Center for 41/42 games each year. It is enough to make us really consider road trips.

kim said...

I hope this whole Sweden vs Russia thing does not sour the relationship between the Alexes and Nick.

I think Fedorov and Ovie were big influences on Semin this year. However, I also noticed that Nick was also hanging around them a lot. I think it was no coincidence that Semin did so well when paired with Nick in the playoffs.

I noticed that Nick was not mentioned in the interview. Hopefully there is no tension between these guys now.

b.orr4 said...

When I read Ovie's harsh comments (in Dump and Chase) about Team Sweden, I winced a bit too. On the one hand, AO was blasting specific players (none named Backstrom) but he was pretty nasty about the Swedish style of play and Nik is the team's captain. I could see some hard feelings lingering and if Russia and Sweden meet again the rhetoric could escalate. Hopefully, Alex will meet with Nik and tell him it wasn't personal. Still, when you insult a player's national team, hurt feelings can fester.

JP said...

No doubt a little awkward. But I assume that'll all be long forgotten come the Fall (assuming nothing further happens).