Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Pride Of Krasnoyarsk

Besides being Siberia's third largest city (behind Novosibirsk and Omsk, of course), Krasnoyarsk happens to be Alex Semin's hometown, and a city that couldn't be more proud of its native son's recent IIHF Championship win.

Krasnoyarsk Mayor (Petr Pimashkov) and Krasnoyarsk Krai Governor (Alexander Khloponin) honored Semin at a State Awards ceremony earlier today, presenting the Caps/Team Russia winger with "a golden map of the Krasnoyarsk Territory decorated with diamonds," and "a golden coat of arms" (which presumably looks like this), among other gifts.

The only catch? Apparently Semin had to wear one of the Governor's suits to the ceremony:

We kid - Congrats, Alex.

Click here for more pics (including one of Sasha boozin') and quotes from the ceremony, and here for a totally random pic of him that I stumbled upon recently.


NS said...

dare i ask.........

did Sasha fall down?

go boom?

can't. get. out. of. head. (sorry)

usiel said...

The funniest Semin picture and picture commentary was that the tampa game pick and the unleashing of the bunny trap.

dcrock said...

Nice find, JP.
I'm so proud of myself for introducing I Fall Down Go Boom. Yes that was me.

Now, my one question is this: did the OTHER Alex promptly swoop in after the pic with the mayor was taken and bite the other end of the map? Wearing cheesy sunglasses, of course.

still. squeamish. about. that. picture.

~Mark said...

That picture made me think of the scene at the end of Star Wars, where Han, Leah, and Sasha, uh I mean, Luke were honored.

JP said...

Don't forget that Chewie got his, too. Wookies get no respect.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like being featured in a list of daily news that includes the last one. Poor Sasha.

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