Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pretty In Pink

Alex Ovechkin was in Pittsburgh today to accept the Art Ross and Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophies, and his look was vintage Alex, simultaneously scruffy and sharp:

Ovie also dropped a little tidbit in his conference call, noting that Sergei Fedorov "wants to stay in Washington." Now, that may be news in the 'he's not going to retire' sense, but the fact that he wants to return to the Caps can hardly be seen as surprising. After all, given a desire to play another season (or more), of course he'd be thrilled to stay in D.C.... for the right price.


breed16 said...

Here's a question: Do we let Eminger walk ($1.2 million) in order to re-sign Fedorov?


Tyler said...

Why are the two connected? That's a false dichotomy.

Jed said...

the better question is, does OV want Fedorov to stay?

bradley said...

Eminger won't get 1.2; his QO is 1 (there's no increase once you get that high). If Eminger's staying, it probably means one of Jurcina or Alzner aren't on the opening night roster, which means his cap hit doesn't make that much difference if we're getting the relief elsewhere.

breed16 said...

@ Tyler:

If we're signing guys in order of importance, I'd think two of the guys at the bottom of that list are Eminger and Fedorov. Looking at the numbers, it could be a tight squeeze. It's not a false dichotomy necessarily; it's just a hypothetical: $2.5 million left in cap space, Eminger has an offer we need to match, Fedorov remains unsigned, what do you do?

@ bradley:
"Players making up to $1 million must be offered 105 percent."

Eminger made $1 million last year, so we have to offer $1.2 million.

Anonymous said...

With both Federov and Clark returning, I seriously count too many centers.

I think that it would be hard to bring Federov back because you have to play him on the second line, at least.

Main reason to bring him back would be because he is a major mentor to Semin, who really benefited from having the older russian statesman on his line.

breed16 said...

I'm an idiot, you're right. I'm not so good at the quick head math.

Darla said...

There is indeed, as you point out, a very delicate balance here between scruffy and sharp. Very precarious, but I think Ovie has nailed it. I give him a 9.5. Hope he uses the same style advisor for the Bigger Awards Ceremony later in June. When? June 12?

Ogre said...

It didn't post for some reason, but I don't see where too many centers is ever a bad thing, and Chris Clark is not a center.