Friday, May 02, 2008

Ovechkin... Engaged?

If I told you that one of the Caps' Russian superstars was at one time engaged to a mediocre, young female tennis player, you'd think nothing of it - the whole world knows about Sergei Fedorov and Anna Kournikova's history.

But if I told you I was talking about Alex Ovechkin, that might be news.

According to The Charlottesville Daily Progress, Olga Puchkova, the No. 2 seed at this week's Boyd Tinsley (of Dave Matthews Band fame) USTA Women's Pro Tennis Championships, "says she was once engaged to Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin."

I knew plenty of the younger Russian NHLers had idolized Fedorov growing up... I guess I just didn't know how much.



1) What were they 'engaged' when they were 12 or something? Or perhaps in Russia that word has a slightly different meaning than in the west? ; )

Sombrero Guy said...

Good for Ovie!

RandyD said...

If I say that I was once engaged to Ovie sometime in the past in some undisclosed location, will that get my name and picture in the paper too?

Ben said...

She's not a terrible player, although she's nowhere near as good as Kournikova was.