Monday, April 28, 2008

Where Have I Heard That Before?

"'For the last month, our team has been playing Game 7,' Kolzig said."

No, that's not a week-old quote from Olie on the pressure his NHL squad had been under from early-March on, but rather a reference to the Tri-City Americans, the WHL team Olie and Stu Barnes co-own - it's good to see Olie going green and recycling talking points.

Kolzig's Amerks now find themselves in a 3-2 hole in their series with Spokane, which featured one of the biggest hits you'll ever see in Game 5, with Game 6 on tap tonight.


~Mark said...

Man, you feel bad for that guy, because you have to think he got a concussion on the play. That is an old school hit, that's for sure.
As Don Cherry would say, "you've gotta keep your head up, kids."

JP said...

You know it's a big hit when the guy delivering it - who saw it all the way - goes flying.

Brian said...

Rant time!!! (you are warned)


I think Olie took a puck to the head some time this season. "For the last month, our team has been playing Game 7" ? Really? They were neck and neck with Spokane for the U.S. Division lead and with Spokane and Vancouver for the Western Conference lead. I hardly consider that Game 7 material. First round of the playoffs? 4-0 over Kamloops. Round 2? 4-1 over Seattle (I am 0-3 in playoffs this year).

Someone get Olie a cold beer and some ice for his neck, I think he's got heat stroke or something

(end of rant)

JP said...

Ha. Maybe he was talking about the Caps after all (though it would make absolutely no sense in context).