Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Great One On The Great Eight

It's been two-plus years since he had one of the best seats in the house for "The Goal" and apparently someone got around to asking Wayne Gretzky what he thinks of Alex Ovechkin nowadays.

The Great One's response?
"Ovechkin has the release and hands that Bossy had. He's got the quickness that (Jari) Kurri had. And he's got the toughness that (Mark) Messier had. He's the whole package."
High praise indeed. And how many goals could Number Eight score in a season?
"I think he could score 90 in a season."

Ovechkin will go for number 58 tomorrow against the Bruins.

Update: Speaking of Gretzky and comparisons, The Great One's former teammate, Kevin Lowe, offered up this one:
"(Nicklas) Backstrom's elusive ... he kind of reminds me of Wayne."


ted said...

Another good question to ask Gretzky:

How many goals do you think you could score during a season in today's league?

Obviously Gretzky scored a large portion of his goals during an era where goalies wore smaller equipment and defensive systems did not clutch and grab like they do now. I'd be curious to know how he thinks he could do.

Great praise from the Great One though!

Anonymous said...

I have to say to me if I was Ovechkin I would be really humbled by this compliment seeing how it was made my Gretzky. Knowing Ovechkin I know he probably is. But I have to say Ted's follow up question to Gretzky would be interesting to hear as well! Way to impress the great on OV! You are spectacular!

usually frustrated caps fan said...

Ovechkin deserves every one of these awesome comparisons and Leonsis was smart to keep him a Cap for the next 13 years. Alexander Ovechkin is indeed "the total package" - Oviechkin 60+ goals, Ovechkin 2007-2008 scoring title, Caps to the Playoffs, Ovechkin - Hart Trophy Winner, forget Schazenegger - change to Constitution for Number 8 - Ovrchkin for President! LETS GO CAPS!!!!

Hockey Amor said...


I though Backstrom was a Forsberg or Oates clone...

Jimmy Jazz said...

I think Ovy will fight pretty hard for seventy. I hate to say it, but I think Gretz is just being a nice guy. Goalies have changed not just in equipment size, but also in positioning and angles. Defenses have a scientific methodology about them now--not at all the way it was during Gretzky's time. I could see the '84 Oilers winning the Cup once or twice in today's game, but nothing close to a dynasty.