Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Roundup/Gamenight: Caps @ Thrash

[AP Preview - Preview]

For the third time since the beginning of the month, the Caps will play an enormous intra-divisional game. In the first two, the goaltending was great, allowing just three goals and an empty netter against. The offense, however, was dormant, and the Caps dropped both games.

Three inter-division February wins have vaulted the Caps into first place, but the fact of the matter is that with a dozen more Southeast Division match ups remaining on the schedule and only a .500 intra-divisional record, the Caps need to step it up against their "rivals," and that needs to start sooner rather than later.

Following that in-depth analysis, I'll leave you with your "how 'bout that?" stat of the day: In the five previous meetings between these teams on the season, five different goalies have gotten wins - Brent Johnson, Ondrej Pavelec, Johan Hedberg, Olie Kolzig and Kari Lehtonen. Maybe the Caps should give Freddy Cassivi tonight's start....

Elsewhere 'Round the Rinks:

In John Buccigross's world, the Leafs don't want Alex Ovechkin because he's only the fifth best player in the League and people probably give a crap whether or not there's any Ben Folds on Marissa Miller's iPod.... Sami Lepisto's call-up/send-down yesterday ensures that, at least for another few days, Miika Elomo can keep the title of "Last Finn to Play for the Caps."... Ooohhh, scary.... Wha?! Someone has more meaningful goals than AO?! Inconceivable!... Plenty of love here.... No matter who wins, the boss's bases are covered.... This is awesome, but if we're going with movie-based Caps promo posters of old, give me "Goalbusters Three."... Finally, one year ago today we looked at AO's artwork (one of our most popular posts last year), took inspiration from a dead guy from across the pond, rocked a brand new NHL ad and played bench boss, and two years ago today we bid adieu to the NHL for a couple of weeks and used an Olympic prediction (which, btw, we nailed) as an excuse to post a Rink favorite picture.

Daily Awards
  • Hart: Tomas Vanek (3G, including the game-winner, on 3 SOG, +1)
  • Ross: Thomas Vanek, Trent Hunter (3 points each)
  • Norris: Dion Phaneuf (Game-tying goal with :50 left, A, 2 SOG, 2 hits)
  • Vezina: J.-S. Giguere (W, 32 saves on 34 shots against)
  • Richard: Thomas Vanek (3G)
  • Calder: Karri Ramo (W, 19 saves on 21 shots against)
  • Aiken: Chris Osgood (L, 3 goals allowed on 4 shots against in just 8:49 of work)


Brunella said...

". . . movie-based Caps promo posters of old, give me "Goalbusters Three."

Okay, pal. Let's see it!

JP said...

Damn... I've definitely got it, and it's too big to fit on my scanner. But I'll figure out a way.

hotdog88gt said...

$10M per year and Vanek is just getting the first hat trick of his career.

Uh, nice.

JP said...

Vanek will make $10m this year, but his cap hit is $7.143m per year over the life of his contract.

Still way overpaid, though.

Kevin said...

We can argue the top-five players in the league all day, but Heatley over Ovechkin? In what world does Buccigross reside?

Bear in mind in the final years of the Vanek contract he'll be making $6 million. So while he is absolutely overpaid today, I'm thinking he will probably be a bargain in five years. Still, that doesn;t make the $10 mill any easier to swallow today.


1) Ted gave mney to Al Franken? Wasn't that skit of his on SNL to send him money a joke? ; )
2) Looks like Buccigross had nothing better to write about. Silly premise for an article

Brian said...

You keep reading Buccigross, why? He's irrelevant. He's a moron. I gave up on his articles so long ago, I'm disappointed he still has a job. But then again, it's ESPN, who lowers the IQ of sports fans daily.

JP said...

I read Bucci so you don't have to.

bill ball said...

JP- Next time read Bucci and don't link him!

The world is a better place without his forced music references and self-perpetuating articles about nothing.

This comment has been removed by the author.

1) Just read some BAD news for you Caps fans:
The Caps have re-signed left wing Tomas Fleischmann to a two-year extension. The 23-year-old will earn $725,000 in each of those seasons, which represents a healthy raise over the $495,000 he's due to earn this year.
2) Looks like he's there (2nd line) to stay for a while! Sorry, whenever we see him play he's almost always a step behind the play. He has the correct/good instincts, but isn't fast enough for the speed of the NHL.

TJ said...

Flash is still a rookie, give the guy some time to grow jeeze.

Although I think Fehr has a brighter future. The kids got size and a knack for getting the puck along the boards.