Friday, February 01, 2008

The Physical Side Of Ovie's Big Night

The internet is buzzin' today with Alex Ovechkin's dramatic and dominant move into first place among the League's scoring leaders, but lost in most of that discussion is how active AO was without the puck last night. Just ask Steve Begin (or Francis Bouillon) about it:


Paul said...

Imagine how big a star Ovechkin would be if he were Canadian. He's a modern Gordie Howe. The full package of speed, scoring, and physical play. Awesome.

Question: With our D so depleted, why hasn't Ben Clymer been called up? If memory serves, he was a part of the regular D rotation on Tampa Bay's Stanley Cup winning team. Wouldn't he be a reasonably good substitute for Brian Pothier?

Shmee said...

Paul: Clymer is a forward. He did a stint on D when Caps managment asked him to try it, but it was more of a "try and see how it goes" deal. I cant recall him ever playing D for the Ning, but I could be wrong.

Massive hit. There really is no other power forward like AO in the league who can play that physically and be so offensively dominant at the same time.

JP said...

Clymer was drafted as a defenseman, but didn't play much D for Tampa (certainly not on their Cup team).

He played 12 games on the blueline for the Caps early last season, but was minus-5 and didn't do a terribly good job at all.

A better Hershey replacement for Potsy would be Boumedienne, imo.

Ogre said...

Isn't Boomer in Sweden, JP?

JP said...

Nope. At least, he shouldn't be - he played in the Bears' last game and, for the season, has 13 points in 24 games.

Ogre said...

I must be out of it. I could have sworn he went to Sweden at the start of the year, and never came back. And when I checked the Bears site before posting, well, I guess I missed it. Sorry. Hell yeah, call Boomer up. I think he's better than Eminger (And has a cooler nickname)