Thursday, February 28, 2008

The New Guys And Their Numbers

Now that the three new Caps have settled on their jersey numbers (you're gonna stick with 38, right, Cris?), here's a quick rundown of all the 24's, 38's and 91's to ever don a Caps sweater:

Larry Fullan (1974-75)
Paul Nicholson (1974-76)
Brian Kinsella (1975-76)
Larry Bolonchuk (1975-76)
Ron Jones (1975-76)
Brian Stapleton (1975-76)
Alex Forsyth (1976-77)
Tom Rowe (1976-77)
Robert Picard (1977-80)
Bob Kelly (1980-82)
Tom Rowe (1981-82)
Howard Walker (1981-82)
Eric Calder (1982-83)
Bryan Erickson (1983-85)
Daryl Evans (1985-86)
Jeff Greenlaw (1986-88, 1991-92)
Mark Tinordi (1995-99)
Rob Zettler (1999-02)
Brian Willsie (2003-06)
Kris Beech (2006-07)
Matt Cooke (2008-??)

Yves Beaudoin (1986-87)
Dennis Smith (1989-90)
Alain Cote (1990)
Bob Babcock (1990)
Reggie Savage (1991)
Brian Curran (1993-94)
Nolan Baumgartner (1995-96, 1998-00)
Jan Bulis (2000-01),
Todd Rohloff (2001-04)
Jakub Klepis (2005-07)
Cristobal Huet (2008-??)

Sergei Fedorov (2008-??)


Michael said...

I thought I read that Huet was taking #33, which was ever-so-slightly disappointing.

JP said...

He changed his mind.

And what do we think - Tinordi (sorry, Butsy), um... Bulis(?) and Sergei as the "best" to wear each of those numbers?

Ogre said...

Tinordi, yes. Sad, when Jan Bulis is the best of a number. Fedorov though is also the worst.

Oly_for_Olie said...

Dennis Smith, Alain Cote, and Bob Babcock wore the hell out of 38 in 1989-90, didn't they? 7 games, no points, 7 PIMs between the three. Babcock liked that number so much he grabbed another number in 92-93 (another cup of coffee) when he could have had 38 again.

Eric said...

Maybe I ought to break out that musty dusty old Tinner sweater from the back of the closet and wear it on Saturday. No question he was the best of the 24s. ("Larry Bolonchuk"?? Yikes.)