Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mike "Game Over" Green

Photo: AP


Tyler said...

He had a stud game all the way around. Good thing because his partner, er, didn't.

I'd rather see Eric Fehr on one of the top two lines.

Faceoffs. Oye. Not a good day on the dot.

Tyler said...

And on the NYR second goal: When the puck hits Olie in the logo, he just can't leave a 10-foot rebound.

NS said...

GO CAPS!!! Green ends it again. yessssssssssssssssssss

Ogre said...

31 out of 33 saves and we find a reason to nitpick. Well done, sir.

Win is a win.

b.orr4 said...

"And on the NYR second goal: When the puck hits Olie in the logo, he just can't leave a 10-foot rebound"

Oh God, please let the madness stop. He was the #1 star of the game for a reason!

DMG said...

Yes, that one play by Olie wasn't great but without his effort the Caps most likely don't win.

Chris said...

Let's see, a team that was sloppy with the biscuit, a D that let in too many quality chances, yet we still get the win, and it's throw-Olie-under-the bus time. Gotta say, the griping about this team has made for a not-so-fun hockey season.

We should be joyous in how the team is doing, and realistic about what we have. But damn, step back and enjoy this.

Hooks Orpik said...

The coolest guy on your team is Brooks Laich....I just drank a vodka (and water) or two with him.

Also, I talked to Mike Green at the bar tonight, see my blog for details...Hint: he's mighty happy about the contract that Dion Phaneuf signed.

Paul said...

Green was the best player on the ice today. He's earning himself mucho dinero.

The rebound was bad, but Olie was a difference-maker, and in my view he's earned the chance to be the unquestioned number one for the foreseeable future.

Still no production from the second line. Something's gotta give. Steckel? Maybe with Fehr on the right? Buehler? Buehler?

Bad Luck? said...

RE: Zednik injury

What is it with Buffalo rinks and gruesome neck injuries? Am I remembering correctly - didn't the Malarchuk thing happen up there?

joseb said...

Olie had a great game. Defense let him down on the first score, he kept us in it the rest of the way.
Wonderful day at the phone booth. Caps have a good thing going here. Jonas brothers? Forget it. My two daughters want Backstrom and Ovie on their walls.

Tyler said...

I agree that Olie had a good game. But that second goal is precisely the kind of goal that has his numbers where they are. That's the goal he has to eliminate.

b.orr4 said...

How's this for ironic in light of the Zednik injury. From today's Boston Globe:
Count former Bruin Derek Sanderson among those who feel the lost art of the sweep check, once his trademark, should be rediscovered by the NHL.
"It's just a forecheck, but with a little turn," said the 61-year-old Sanderson....
Just one caveat, said the Turk.
"In the old days," he recalled, "there was some danger involved with the tube skates. When you got down low to hook the puck, the other guy's skate could come up and catch you and rip your jaw out. The design of the skate blade is much different today. You might get nicked, but the blade's pretty well covered now. The chance of getting ripped open really isn't there anymore."

Jed said...

Oh, surprise, surprise Olie gave up a rebound. When has he not given up big rebounds? I'm getting tired of hearing people beat up on the guy. He's carried this team on his shoulders for the last decade and we don't have the decency to look past his age and realize that he's still playing great hockey.

The big difference between the olie of today and the olie of the stanley cup run is the fact that he doesn't have a big, experienced defensive core in front of him anymore. Our defense is getting there and at some point they will be that good again, but it isn't olie's fault that nobody stepped in and cleared out that rebound after he made the initial save!

Daniel said...

Maybe there's something to the theory that Olie needs more work to do better?

Also, Green isn't Phaneuf just yet, Mike's not going to get quite that deal, I don't think.

Glad to hear that Zed is stable.


Ogre said...

I'm still nervous about Zednik. Remember, when we went to sleep on that Monday morning Sean Taylor was in stable condition too. Different injuries, but both are damn scary. Hope it has a different outcome.


1) Yes, nice win, etc, but you guys have to be concerned that almost all the production is still coming from one line
2) The demotion of Fehr is a head scratcher. If he stays with the big club he needs to be on one of the top 2 lines. he seems one of the few guys willing to drive to the net.
3) Why is Fleischman never demoted? He's done virtually nothing with his ample ice/PP time.
4) Removing Laing from the 4th line changed its dynamic. Bradley still had a good game, but Donald looked awkward with he and Steckal. Not the same kind of shut down potential

Paul Nichols said...

Olie deserved the first star. Great job by the boys in red. Made for a great Sunday.

But a TERRIBLE job by Comcast for cutting away in the third period of a TIED GAME to pick up the Redskins coaching information.

Yea, I love the Skins, but interrupt a game to pick up a coaching announcement?

hotdog88gt said...

I was only pissed at Olie when he let that prick Avery get one by him. On the second goal the rebound was swept away from him and the puck had eyes. Olie made some absolutely fantastic saves tonight.

Semin, on the other hand, was back to his usual crap. He's useless on the PP. Maybe it's he who should be demoted a line or two.

~Mark said...

Tyler, I'm with you.
While watching the game, they played the replay of that goal, and I said out loud, "Olie what are you doing?"
I agree, he had a great game, and was likely the difference. It's just those kind of goals that make you scratch your head. He is better than that, and it's just the kind of thing that makes you ask serious questions about his future.