Friday, February 15, 2008

Looking Up At First Place... And Second...

Photo: AP
Not good times.


JR said...

Can't say I'm totally surprised with this slump. They were in the middle of a huge lovefest when they hit first. Gotta keep fighthing through it.

Brunella said...

I am surprised, albeit not totally. (After all, I am a Caps fan.) This is the moment where, if you are winners, you do it. You execute. You "deliver", as the saying goes, the goods. These are all joke teams right now in the SE. And we can't roll over them?


I suppose I can go ahead with those travel plans for May. Maybe.

hotdog88gt said...

Stagnant is this team. Much work is needed to reachieve mediocrity atop the Southeast.

dmg said...

Man, how brutal were those refs? Both ways.

Tarik says Lepisto is going to play tonight; hopefully he can bump Erskine out of the lineup for good because he is just such a liability back there.

Scott said...

What a bummer of a game...I had a few problems with the Refs but it went both ways, but the majority of it damned us.

We are definitely getting killed on the goaltending front - too many bad rebounds. I know everyone says some of the other teams have bad goaltending, but the Lehtonens and Vokouns are coming up big against us.

Good news - Our penalty kill is kicking ass. Bad News - we spend too much time on the PK and it's really disrupting our offensive flow and we can't do that if we're going to win these close SE games.