Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Open Thread

In anticipation of tonight's SuperSkills competition, a classic Alex Ovechkin interview from last year's All-Star game in Dallas.
"... I think I'm good."

Elsewhere 'Round the Rinks:
Nicklas Backstrom featured on (He's been playing in the U.S. for eight months and is in the NHL YoungStars game, isn't it time for a nickname better than B├Ąckis?)....Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury like Alex Ovechkin for the Hart Trophy....Ron Wilson loves the media....Slap Shot (not him) hates the All-Star game....The Sun News columnist who referred to the NHL as a "gaseous rumor" provides his phone number and email address in case anyone is interested enough to find out exactly what a gaseous rumor is.


NS said...

people need to shut the fuck up about the All Star weekend. It should stay and the skill competition is a fun event.

waaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaah...thats all i hear from all the douche bags out there. go fuck yourselves.

(Go Caps)

Anonymous said...

How about Swiss Miss for Backstrom?

Kane for the Calder!

Hazardous said...

When the players decide they don't want an All-star game is when it should go away.


1) There wil be an All-star game/weekend as long as it makes the league money.
End of story.

Ogre said...

Kane'll probably win it. He's a Canadian playing for an original six team. Too bad that original six team isn't going anywhere soon, and it'll soon be revealed that he can't do much without Toews as a back up plan/support beam.

I'm fine with Baeckis, and I've found myself saying that about him while playing NHL 08.

The Skills competition is easily the most fun thing for me to watch. All these people complaining about it can't be hockey fans. And that asshat who tried to say that the NHL All-Star game copied the Baseball all star game is a moron.
1933, champs versus rest. Good tilts.

Frankly, the Skills competition is a million times more fun to watch than the home run derby. Watching people in a variety of events is better than watching one guy who's steroid riddled body is smashing pellets 350 feet away.

Couple that in that unless you're there, baseball's extremely boring, and football is overplayed to the max, and I'll argue that this weekend is better than most.

Ogre said...

Discussion! Bigger laughingstock - Redskins or Maple Leafs.
I'm voting Maple Leafs, but the Skins are closing in fast.

Joe said...


Oh man, good question.
I'm thinking Redskins because Dan Snyder's too stupid to know when he's got a solid coach to keep.
No, I'm not referring to Joe Gibbs. I'm referring to Gregg Williams.
The players loved him, he greatly improved the defense, and he had the respect of the fans.
So needless to say, he's no longer on the Redskins payroll.
Great job Snyder. You will never be as good an owner as Ted Leonsis.

DMG said...


I love you. People are too damn serious about their hockey if they can't just hang back and have a little fun with the all-star weekend without complaining that it isn't real hockey or is meaningless. I mean, that's the nature of all all-star games, the difference is just that the Bettman regime has gotten everyone freaking out about ratings and revenues so we can't just let it be what it is.

Josh said...

Check out this cool image of the seven Russians at the All-Star game:

Clearly there is some connection between goal scorers and yellow boot laces. (Hey. Didn't Yaya sport yellow laces too? When he was here?)

Josh Again said...

My caption for this one:

"Gosh, this game of golf is harder than I thought? The ball goes where?"

Whiskey_Run said...

I just got a nice e-mail back from Sean Horgan, the reporter who called the NHL a "Gaseous rumor" in his weekend article. Turns out the Sean is a hockey fan from Boston! His issue is with how Hockey has made itself "irrelevant". With all the Boos that Bettman received during his All-Star appearance, was Sean too far off the mark?

pga said...

Backis for Backstrom's nickname. He won't win the Calder. Too slow a start to win it, although if he keeps getting bunches of points, he'll have a chance at the end.