Friday, January 11, 2008

Japers' Rink Q&A

Q. Ken Campbell at The Hockey News asks: "Didn’t we have a year-long lockout a couple of years ago because teams like the Washington Capitals couldn’t afford to pay runaway salaries like the one they’re going to be giving Alex Ovechkin for the next 13 seasons?"

A. No, Ken, we had a year-long lockout a couple of years ago so that the owners could have cost certainty, something the Caps now have with regards to one of the best players in the game over the next 13 years. How much will Sidney Crosby command at the end of his new five-year extension? Now there's the uncertainty.

Q. Campbell follows up: In a likely best-case scenario, Ovechkin will average 50 goals and about 100 points per season through the life of this contract. Could they not have signed three players for $3 million each, which could have given them more than that?

A. In the mid-20teens? Perhaps, though not necessarily. Besides, I'll take Alex Ovechkin in his prime with you centering him and me on the right wing over three $3 million players in 2014.

But thanks for the questions, Ken, and for demonstrating a fundamental misunderstanding of the time value of money.


Matthew said...

glad you saw that silly article. Comments by Matt are mine and I couldn't agree more with you post on this matter.

Focality said...

Everybody's probably heard about Chuck Norris Facts, right? They can be funny, and we know they certainly aren't "facts."

I can't wait to read more insightful analyses on Ovechkin's new contract, laden with Alex Ovechkin Facts.

Rage said...

Jesus, that's ridiculous. Seriously, just post the PV of the salaries on your site and anyone who can ignore that is just a moron.

I might have to write a full posting and send it all over the internets to various reporters. 13 years is sooo much longer than what Jagr had (and I'm not sure what kind of salary differential he had in the later years compared to the early ones).

NS said...

that Fanhouse article on "Coping with [insert BS]" is idiotic as are these arguments.

you cannot substitute talent of Ovie's nature with 3 douchebags that can tally the same put together.

also, on the Jagr thing...he sucked. he intended to suck. he is a shit head. Realize that this is coming from a long time fan of the guy (until his stint in DC, of course).

Everyone is crying about this except Caps fans. Good for us. Fuck them. You will never have Ovie, you wankers. (and if for some reason you manage a trade, we will have anything worth have on your now and in the future)

Go Caps. Fuck everyone else (except Montreal - much love).

NS said...

i should really edit my posts before submitting. bleh.

AO's Sunshine State Fan said...

"No sense in paying one of the best players in the game that kind of money and not surrounding him with any kind of talent". WTF??

Guess this guy needs a seeing eye dog and cane? The Caps have surrounded Ov with some wonderful YOUNG talent with endless possibilities. With this deal...they sky's the limit! What an exciting time to be a Caps fan! I applaude Ted and the Caps organization for realizing what they have in Ov and making this happen.

Just hide and watch all you nay-sayers. Your obvious jealousy speaks volumes. Time to face it! Ov BELONGS in Washington and WANTS to be in Washington...much to your dismay!!

DMG said...

In regards to the second question: what three players could have been signed this past offseason that would have those numbers for less than 9 million - or less than 8.5 or even lower (current value) once inflation takes its toll?

Besides having Ovechkin has ramifications beyond this goal scoring. On the ice he plays great defense and hits; off the ice Caps fans now know they'll have one of the most exciting players in the game for the next 13 years, increasing his marketability and the strength of the D.C. market which should result in higher attendance and merch sales, helping to defray the cost of his contract

bil said...

Um, the three guys making 3 mil each who produce Ovy's 50 goals argument--here's the thing:

Yes, you could get the same production from those guys and it would be a wash, as long as--

the other two guys on Ovy's line contribute zero goals.

Why is this so hard to understand?

Oly_for_Olie said...

Here's a story from CBC News yesterday.  No word if the minors are related to
Ken Campbell, Eklund, or Bruce Garrioch.

Anonymous said...

yeah sorry about you... Ovechkin is ours and we have cap space to build around him!