Friday, December 28, 2007

The Tragedy That Might Have Been

You saw the headlines today: "Ovechkin, Johnson hurt in Caps loss," but apparently the headline might have read "Ovechkin's johnson hurt in Caps loss," had Kris Letang's skate blade taken a very slightly different path.

Of course, we joke because, well, that's what we do, but the physicians over at Alex Ovetjkin remind us that we really might not have been too far from a legitimately scary on-ice incident... which would be just what this rivalry needs: the Pens killing the Caps' savior two days after Christmas.

Update: Here's video of the injury.


D said...

I hope to god you never have to tag "near circumcisions" again.


scott said...

Well, it's better than having to tag plain ol "Circumcisions"


1) Perhaps that why the Dr. was late in getting to the Caps locker room. They initially called a mohel first? ; )

JP said...

+1 to Faux for spelling "mohel" correctly.