Friday, December 07, 2007

Russian Attack

Per Tarik, tonight's top line will be Viktor Kozlov centering the two Alexes.

Per me, Rush'n Attack was a bad ass video game.


gwyshynski said...

Rush'n Attack was a great for the fact that it appeared as though you were stabbing Russian baddies with a blue pickle.

In other shame in losing to my first -lace Devils. And no, I didn't think I'd have a chance to use that adjective to describe them this season.

PureAgression61 said...

I was at the Rock tonight for the game...

-it's a very nice building, and not that difficult to get to using NJ Transit. My friend and I sat in the upper deck beneath the Press Box; its floor acts as an overhang for my section, so we get to watch what they do on HD Plasma screens attached to the ceiling scaffolding.

-Tonight was Scott Stevens HOF Tribute Night. Didn't take too much time to do and it was a wonderful ceremony.

-Brian Pothier: worst...giveaway...ever.

-I can't fault Kolzig for the PP goal that made it 2-0. He made many dazzling stops tonight.

-I didn't see a whole lot of hitting until late in the game (none of it from the Caps).

-On the first PP, Flash had a decent chance in tight. On subsequent PPs, he got away from it (???). And why weren't Poti and Green on the points? The PP moved the puck well, but they didn't make Brodeur work to help the Devils kill 'em off.

-Other than that, I think the system works...from a certain point of view. It enables the team to keep the puck in the attack zone (over half the game was played there). I wish it could enable them to generate more quality scoring chances.

JP said...

Thanks for the report PA61 - great stuff.

pureAgression61 said...

Thanks, JP.

fyi: I've (finally) opened shop: