Friday, December 21, 2007

Good News From Chocolatetown

Per Tim Leone, Eric Fehr "competed intensely at practice" this week, and Bears' interim head coach Bob Woods "indicated there's a chance Fehr could be cleared to play within a month. 'We're optimistic that that's going to be the case,' Woods said."


Focality said...

Fear the Fehr!

Ogre said...

I've missed Fehr :D

Tyler said...

Good news all around, of course. But if they've never figured out what's wrong with him, how can an MD/etc. clear him to play? I mean, isn't the whole idea of clearing someone to play pretty much reliant on something having 'cleared up?'

(And we've all been over this organIzation's Stalinesque secrecy around injuries. Can't we pretty much assume that they know exactly what the deal with Fehr is and that they've lied to the press/fans all along?)

Focality said...

I think a lot of people feel that way, tyler. On the one hand they don't want the opposing team to take advantage of a recovering player. GMGM likes to do things like this.

I was shocked when Pothier's injury was announced during the game the other night. Maybe a broken thumb is cool in GMGM's book.