Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stat Of The Day

Chris Bourque will only need to score 942 goals in his career to make the Bourques the highest goal-scoring father-son duo in NHL history (Bobby and Brett Hull combined for 1,351 goals, while Chris's dad Ray scored 410 goals of his own).


Anonymous said...

He'd better get started tonite, eh?

Anonymous said...

Per Tarik:



No Jurcina! Eminger is IN!
Sutherby is OUT!


Dan, Jr. said...

Tonight's game is scheduled to be broadcast tomorrow @ 11:00 AM on Comcast Sportsnet. This recorded version may be available through "On Demand" before that.

Dan, Jr. said...

Sorry, make that 11:30 AM.

Anonymous said...

So I'm watching the NHL on Versus (I know, highly comical), and they talk about how Glen Hanlon is in jeopardy of losing his job as Caps coach.

Are they serious? Why would he be? If management had gone after class A free agents in the off-season instead of B-listers, then I could see some heat going in Hanlon's direction.

Point is, he has a little more to work with this season, so the team will do a little better. I'll stick by my pre-season prediction that they still won't make the playoffs, although they won't be as bad as last season. I just hope Alex stays happy enough to hang around until some good moves are made.

focality said...

Thanks for the info, dan, but I'll pass...

DMG said...

I don't think it's that simple Wes. I doubt very much that the caps looked at Drury, Smyth and Briere and said 'nah, we don't want 'em'. The realities of the market played a role as did the preferences of the players. Just because a team wants a player doesn't mean the player will necessarily sign with a team.

Anonymous said...

Noted. But at least make it look like you're trying.

Otherwise, why should I cheer for you, or even buy a ticket?