Monday, November 19, 2007

Caps Trade Sutherby

As you've no doubt heard by now, the Caps have sent center Brian Sutherby westward, trading him to the Ducks for a second round pick in 2009.

You'll recall that the Caps resigned Suts, a former first-round pick, to a 1-year, $800,000 deal this past summer, meaning that, in essence, they bought a second round pick in '09 for just under $200,000.


Anonymous said...

uhhh, is that a good thing?

Anonymous said...

im thinkin not....but i thought the same thing

Anonymous said...

Sutherby was a solid player and fun to watch at $800K I'd rather have him and his leadership out there than a few of the younger third and fourth line guys the Caps seem to be trying to rush up to the forefront...of course who am I to judge I know nothing about how to manage a salary cap I'm just another season ticket holder who is growing more disheartend with each game and Suts seemed like a guy who came to play and play hard, at both ends every shift.

Tyler said...

I left after two. If the Caps don't want to be there, neither do I.

It's time for the next coach. I don't think there's any question.


1) What else does GMGM need to see? Please don't use the excuse that they came on in the 3rd, and Semin and Clark needed some time to gel with their new line mates, etc
2) Fact is the team came out with ZERO jump, and looked apathetic for the first 50 minutes. Vokoun looked ripe for exploitation/super-shaky, but the offense didn't get any sustained attack until late
3) There was actually a 'Fire Hanlon" chant at Verizon! Amazing. It was quieted after the semi-come back, but hopefully for you Cap fans management was listening.
4) If they want "crowds" as bad as tonight to become the norm the rest of the way then do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Screw the trades. It's time to sweep out GMGM & Company. Trading 25-year-old Sutherby for a pick we won't see for 2 years at best?

usually frustrated caps fan said...

dmg: What would be falling apart more than the last 10 games? The truth is I keep my season tickets because all the folks associated with the Caps - Ownership, Managerment & Players are class acts.

That said for whatever reason the chemistry ISN'T working. The easiest & first place to start trying to change that is Hanlon, the next would be McPhee - as much as anywhere. In Pro Sports it's about results both gentlemen understand that, I'm reasonably sure. So to me the real question is/would be if I were an owner who do we get and when in order to try and change the chemistry that isn't working. As the cliche' goes: "Doctor, it hurts when I do this..."

And whatever happens anybody here doesn't jump in front of a bus to keep Ovie from going to Toronto or anywhere else after this season to quote the charachter "Pyscho" from Stripes: "I'll kill ya"