Sunday, October 07, 2007

Stat Of The Day

0 - Number of seasons the Capitals have started 2-0 and not made the playoffs


Rage said...

How many times have the Caps been 2-0?

JP said...

Three times.

In 1991-92 they started 4-0 (and 8-1) and finished 45-27-8, 2nd in the Division.

In 1997-98 they started 4-0 (and 7-1) and finished 40-30-12, 3rd in the Division.

In 2002-03 they started 3-0 and finished 39-29-8-6, 2nd in the Division.

tandtb13 said...

JP... Do you know anyone that might be interested in going to Buffalo next weekend for the Caps game. I have extra tickets, great seats six row.