Saturday, October 06, 2007

Semin In, Clymer Clears Waivers

Two quick notes - Alex Semin was activated from the IR this morning and is expected to be in the lineup tonight, and Ben Clymer has cleared re-entry waivers, but is still a Hershey Bear.


Rage said...

I was at the game tonight. My thoughts:

a) I hate thunder sticks. But the lights in the sticks were actually pretty cool looking during the opening.
b) The igloo thing that our mascot skated through was a disaster. Also it was hilarious to see him fall not once, not twice, not thrice, not .... fource? But SIX times.
c) Potsy has looked very shaky.
d) Juice played big. As did Green.
e) Ovy + Kozlov look great together.
f) Mmmmm....shutout....

keef said...

re: d - Juice is a beast! Always on the ice and all over the puck. He was a steal.

What was up with Poti in that first period? Another beautiful start for a game though and I'm thinking that those with seats near the home goal are going to be enjoying the new LED screens this year.

Rage said...

I was sitting in the first seat behind the goal judge. That seat is going to be amazing once they replace him!

Poti looked very good to me as well.


Ogre said...

Slapshot, oh man. Poor fellow. That was great. Also, Erskine has quietly had two VERY good games. I'm very happy about this.