Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nike Capitulates To Hockey Gods

The Toronto Star confirmed this morning what had been rumored for a while: Nike is getting out of the hockey business.

While the swoosh may be gone from skates, thanks to YouTube, we'll always have those great commercials. And if the first few games of the season are any indication of things to come, the RBK ad folk may want to consider recutting this gem, substituting Michael Nylander and Nicklas Backstrom for Mats Sundin:


JP said...

I always liked the Kovalchuk/Naslund "Don't Fence Me In" ad, but the goalie ads were/are a riot.

maruk said...

Die Maple Leafs! You are the worst kinds of leafs!

kb said...

French (Canadian) grammar question: Is it "face de beu" or "face de boeuf"?

(Want to be sure I'm saying the right thing should I ever run into Guy Lafleur on the streets of Montreal.)