Monday, October 29, 2007

Bondra Calls It A Career

We'll have much more on this later, but we wanted to provide an open thread for
your comments about the official retirement of former Caps great, Peter Bondra.

Bon chance, Bonzai.


ted said...


One of my all-time favorite NHL players. He was a true professional and all around great guy. I for one would like to see his number retired at the Verizon Center.

Charlie G. said...

My first hometown super-star to look up to growing up. I was always amazed by his speed, skill, and shot. I missed seeing him be one the Ice in a Caps Jersey, but so is the way of Life. I loved that #12 and will always see him as one of the greats. Thanks for the memories Bonzai!


1) An announcement that was about 2 years overdue, but he deserves all the accolades he gets.
2) Hopefully once any bad feelings subside "Bondra night" is announced and his number is sent to the rafters along side Hunter's, Langway's and Labre's

Alex R said...

Too many great memories but I will go with a goal and an assist. Goal, the overtime slapshot against buffalo in route to the cup finals. Assist, the double contract hold out with pivonka that got pivonka more money then he would have ever gotten. pivonka assisted on many a bondra goal but bondra gave him a big assist on that contract.

Ogre said...

If 12 isn't up in the rosters within two years, Leonsis needs to sell the team. I grew up watching this guy. He became my personal favorite player. It's kind of emotional to see he's officially hanging 'em up.

pepper said...

Bondra was one of those few players who consistently made me proud to be a Caps fan, watching his highlights on Sports Center or NHL2nite (when ESPN actually covered hockey to some respectable degree) or reading about his exploits, and knowing that he's our guy. Especially when he dominated the league during the labor- shortened 94-95 season.

When I got my first job out of school, I shared an office with a native of Slovakia, and we instantly bonded over our shared admiration for Bonzai.

I was at the game at Capital Centre when he was first introduced to the home crowd as a recent draft pick just signed to a contract, and he took a little twirl around the ice. I had no idea he'd become the player we had the pleasure of watching for so many years.

I'd be happy to see his number retired as well.

rananda said...

great clip. bondra throwin some kinda round-house right in what i imagine was his first ever nhl fight. how many other guys have fought to stick up for jaro svejovsky? and scored 500 nhl goals?