Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blinding You With Science

If you're curious as to the science behind the new RBK Edge uniform system, check out this video from, featuring your Washington Capitals.

And if you've ever wondered why some hockey team doesn't put a really, really fat guy in goal, check out an article in today's Wall Street Journal which, again, features the Caps.

Thanks to Nate Ewell and Ted Leonsis for passing along the two links.


Jan said...

I did not appreciate the sarcasm from that jerk of a WSJ reporter. Examples:
“But considering that no one wants to advertise with the NHL to begin with, I started thinking there must be a simpler explanation.”

“ . . .wouldn't be easy, since the NHL has more lawyers than fans.”

“ Mr. XL . . . wasn't even aware that the NHL still existed.”


Marky Narc said...
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Marky Narc said...

Don't mind him, Jan - he still thinks Ben Clymer's a defenseman.

Kate said...

Is there a rule that says the whole team can't stack up in front of the net like a stack of pancakes? I want to see a team of guys race to the net after the faceoff and flop down, one on top of the other, creating a wall in front of the net. This would only work if you already had the lead, of course. :D