Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Open Thread

Since it's a holiday weekend, today's Open Thread will be a very special two-fer. First up is a rocker from The Shins:

Now that that's out of the way, the back-end of this double-play is a song that has been mercilessly stuck in my head for two days now. Hit play only if you are willing to suffer as I have suffered:


CapsChick said...

That is absolutely my favorite Shins song ever and I've been weirdly obsessed with it lately.

As for the other one...damn you. Of course I had to be curious and hit play, and now it's going to be in my head (although at least I have an excuse - why the hell was it stuck in your head??)

JP said...

No idea how it got stuck in my head, but it's become like an episode of "Survivorman" or something -

Day three, and the song is gnawing at my brain like a pack of starving hyenas. With each repetition in my head, I'm certain that I'm losing memories. "If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me" - there goes the order of the first ten Presidents. "Ooooooo no baby please don't go" - out with the formula for the area of a circle.

I've tried getting it out of my head with other annoying songs - that "Umbrella" one and anything by Fergie, but it's of no use. I just hope it ends soon - I can only stand this for so long.

kb said...

Some relief for you JP, I give you the most infectious song in recorded history.

CapsChick said...

At least you once knew the formula for the area of a circle. I never had room in my brain because I had to know all the lyrics to this and this...and this.

ken: I came dangerously close to hearing part of the song - thankfully I clicked away before any real damage could be done.

on ice said...

Prettier hair: Peter or Farrah. Discuss.

JP said...

If they married, she'd be Farrah Cetera (and maybe he'd let her wear that sweet letter jacket).