Friday, September 07, 2007

New Logos And Jerseys Part XI

Sigh. More horizontal piping across the shoulders as the Wild unveil their new uniforms (not much of a change, as the new home jersey is similar to last year's alternate sweater, with the addition of that racing stripe):

Does anyone else think it's weird to have slightly different home and road logos (asks a blogger for a team that had vastly different home and road logos since the turn of this century)?


Anonymous said...

whats even weirder is that the HOME jersey has the name and city written around the logo but the AWAY jersey just has the logo. that seems backwards.

Doogie said...

Oddly enough, the piping actually doesn't look retarded on that one. Maybe because the whole sleeve is a different colour: On Carolina, Calgary, etc., the piping separates red from more red, which just looks dumb. Piping to separate different colours, even if it's not across the uniform, makes sense.