Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New Logos And Jerseys Part VIII

The Flames and the Habs unveiled their new uniforms today, and while it'd be easier to make a call on Calgary's jerseys if they were on a white background, it's easy to tell that the Canadiens have done an incredible job of not screwing up their new duds. Take a look:

I will add that the Flames have a sweet shoulder patch (the Alberta provincial flag), which can be seen in the slideshow here.


Jimmy Jazz said...

Love the new look, JP. Very solid.

chanuck said...

Love the Canadian Flag on the Flames jersey. Though this will get the ire of my wife (DCSC), I also like the retro look of the laces.

NS said...

Agreed. Like the Calgary jerseys the best, so far. always liked the laces.