Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Roundup/Gamenight: Flyers @ Caps

We're a week away from opening night and there's a whole lot of nothing going on regarding Caps coverage in today's papers (other than a note from up North about how the Caps and Leafs may be getting ready to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. Seriously.)

If you aren't already sick of reading my thoughts on the Caps (and if you are, why are you here?), head over to SportsFan Magazine for a quick interview I did (note - it was a little while back) to help them preview the team (thanks, Steve!).

Finally, on an administrative note, I'm heading out to Los Angeles later this morning for about a week. I'll be back in time for opening night, but posting will be intermittent between now and then (fearless prediction: Ben Clymer won't be a Cap by the time I get back). Anyway, feel free to discuss any goings on in the comments to whatever the most recent post is. Cheers.


Tyler said...

Just Clymer? You think Laich sticks?

Rage said...

Not trying to be incendiary, but a Fittsburgh fan on Ovy/Semin v. Crosby/Malkin.

Anonymous said...

A lot depends on if they keep 13 or 14 forwards, and 7 or 8 defensemen:


I feel bad for Laich because he is developing in the mold of Clark. He has blown some great scoring opportunities this preseason to gain separation. I think
Clyner might be a Bolt and Eminger a Leaf before all is said and done.

b.orr4 said...

Clymer may be gone but I seriously doubt he'll ever play for Tampa again. He's said too many nasty thing about Tortorella for him to get another chance there. That said, there are a lot of clubs where Ben could catch on and play regularly.

Tyler said...

I hear that Columbus is thinking about a Novotny-Beech-Clymer/Laich top line. Ken Hitchcock said that Clymer/Laich is "emerging."


1) No one would miss Clymer, Laich, Bradley and Sutherby! If even 3 of the 4 are in the opening night lineup it doesn't bode well!

jmf said...

Hey Rage, interesting blog up there in S-burgh, how come they didn't compare first assists to second assists? Interesting though, I'm not going to try and say OV is better - but I will be honest, I'd rather have a hard hitting OV that doesn't have as many points as Sid than to have that Candy-A$$, diver.

Sid is not too bad though and the one stat that really hurts me the most is the 8 game head to head match up - I really don't like the Pens. And I do believe that 4-0 lead we blew last season turned the season around for both squads last year, who's with me?

jmf said...

in fact, you could probably check out JP's archives - I was the one that said the same thing then....Pens break my heart every year - probably be the same 10/6.

jmf said...

make that 10/20....10/6 will be all good...

cd said...

Notes on last night's game:

1. That one handed pass/assist from AO to VK was a thing of pure beauty.
2. Olie needs to shake some dust off in a seemingly big way.
3. The Gagne/Briere combo is going to be lethal this season.