Sunday, September 23, 2007

Caps 2, Bolts 1

[Scoresheet - Super Stats - AP Recap]

I didn't get a chance to listen to the game last night (I was off obliterating breaking my Yom Kippur fast), but have a few thoughts this morning after a look at the box score and a perusal of the intertubes.

But before we get started, what's up with the streak of lightning on the pants?

I never thought I'd have reason to have a "least favorite pant" in the League, but congrats to the Bolts on providing one for me (though they could be worse, I guess). Alright, on to the game:
  • Brent Johnson saved 18 of the 19 shots he faced, including all 10 in the third period.
  • By many accounts, Dave Steckel was an absolute monster last night. He scored the Caps' first goal, finished +1 and won 67% of his faceoffs, all while playing the role of shutdown center. He's certainly making his case to stay in D.C.
  • The Caps won 53% of the game's faceoffs.
  • Mike Green had a powerplay assist and was +1.
  • The Caps leader in ice time was Nicklas Backstrom, at 23:46, but that's nothing. John Torotorella played Dan Boyle for 32:20. In an exhibition game. Not surprisingly, Boyle tried to take matters into his own hands in the locker room, pulling an Owen Wilson.
  • Alex Semin attempted 11 shots on goal and scored the game-winning powerplay goal, assisted by Backstrom and Green. That's an encouraging scoring summary.
For much more on the game, check out Vogs' recap. And here's hoping Dan Boyle has a speedy recovery - he's an integral part of my fantasy team.


Tyler said...

Torts is nuts. If I were his GM, I'd haul him in this morning, wave the superstats in his face, point to Dan Boyle's icetime and tell Torts that he could be the first coach in recent memory to be fired if that happens again. Total insanity.

Tyler said...

er, first coach in recent memory *to be fired in the preaseason* if that...

norske said...

There also seems to be something strange going on with those socks.

exwhaler said...

Yeah. I actually kinda like the lightning strike on the pants, but socks look odd in a bad way.

Scai said...

Torts is defenitely crazy. Who knows, if Boyle isn't dogtired after playing a meaningless preseason game, he maybe hangs up his skates a little more orderly..