Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Versus Schedule Out (Though Not Released)

The Battle of New York has what purports to be this coming season's Versus schedule, and the Caps make the national broadcasts four times (not surprisingly, the Pens, Wings, Flyers, Rangers and Avs lead the way with eight appearances apiece).

Here are the Caps' four Versus games:
Nov. 26 – 7:00 Buffalo vs. Washington
Dec. 17 – 7:00 Washington vs. Detroit
Jan. 21 – 7:00 Washington vs. Pittsburgh
Mar. 3 – 7:00 Boston vs. Washington
In case you're wondering, I don't believe NBC has released it's schedule yet, but judging from the Caps' schedule, the only likely possibilities for nationally broadcast Caps games on the Peacock are February 10 versus the Rangers (doubtful, as it would be opposite the Flyers and Pens), and March 9 versus the Pens.

Then, of course, there are the playoffs...


Daniel said...

Let's not go throwing around the p-word willy-nilly here. ;)


ted said...

So much for parity in the league. I guess with the broadcasters, ratings are king. DC is certainly a bigger tv market than Pittsburgh though -- I guess it is the Cindy factor they are banking on.

I am suprised the Caps even got four. I like the matchups they chose, although Detroit seems a little odd -- good, but odd.