Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Survey Said!...

Caps fans, Slapshot's mother, and trumpet guy are likely aware that it's just 39 days until the Caps host the Canes for the 2007 home opener. The Capitals marketing folk are doing some calendar watching as well.

A number of season ticket holders found a survey in their email in-boxes this evening. For those who didn't get the survey, below is what may (or may not) be on the Verizon Center horizon this season. Respondents were asked to rate potential new programs from 7 ("love it") to 1 ("hate it"). (They got one 7 and one 1 from me.)
  1. Adopt A Cap: Each section in the arena is assigned a different Caps player. If the player assigned to your section scores the first goal, everyone in your section wins a prize.

  2. Caps Kids Club: For kids ages 14 and under, the club will cost $15 to join and each member will receive a membership kit with a six-foot player wall banner, a free ticket to a Caps game and invitations to special monthly Kids Club-only events.

  3. A new cheerleading squad: This squad would entertain at games, visit media outlets and serve as ambassadors for the Capitals in the community.

  4. Courage Caps: The Caps would sell baseball hats with the word "courage" on the front of the hat and the Caps logo on the back of the hat. All of the proceeds from hat sales would go to support a cause such as pediatric cancer.

  5. "Catch a Cap": Each Saturday during the public skating session at the Capitals' new ice rink in Arlington, when a pre-recorded announcement from a Caps player will be broadcast over the PA system someone will win a great prize such as tickets to a game.
Anyone with experience writing and editing this type of marketing survey understands that there is a certain logic to the question order — you lead with the benign, the positive (who's going to object to giveaways and kids clubs?), and you bury the provocative. There's a reason why question #3 is question #3 — and it got my only 1.

What do you think?

Update (1:15 pm):
D.C. Sports Bog says that the cheerleaders have been benched. At least for this season.


CapsChick said...

Well, I'm already on the record as being completely against this so-called "cheerleading squad" (aka Ice Girls, no doubt) - nice to know there are some guys out there who feel the same!

Can I pry and ask what the '7' went to? :)

kb said...

Of course, capschick. My 7 went to #1. It's a simple, smart idea that encourages the too late attending crowd to arrive in time for the too early starting games. (Not a big fan of 7:00 starts.)


1) No silly cheerleaders.
2) The section that gets the goalie won't be too happy that night. ; )
3) Who would be against a promotion to raise money for cancer??
4) Play better(winning) hockey, and you won't need too many silly "promotions" to get people to come out.

Gary said...

Do the adopt-a-Cap player/section pairs get rotated game-to-game? I'll be super-pissed if 104 gets strapped with Erskine all year.

kb said...

I would think that the players and sections would rotate.

That said, if I'm sitting in the Erskine section and he scores the first goal of the game? The prize should be commensurate with the event: rare and valuable.

Anonymous said...

Catch a cap would be better if it actually involved skating with a Caps player on the ice. Anyone faster around the rink than the player wins free tickets.

Anonymous said...

I *might* be able to catch Olie, so long as he's in full goalie equipment. :)

Caps Nut said...

I didn't get this recent survey, but I did get one in May that floated the bad idea.