Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not Breaking News: Hockey Is Difficult

In fact, it's the second toughest sport around, according to ESPN.com.

Eight experts rated 60 sports in each of 10 categories, and only "the sweet science" (boxing) topped ice hockey in overall difficulty.

Curiously, ESPN didn't consider Texas Hold 'Em a sport for the purposes of this study, yet continues to provide more than enough coverage of it on their cable networks. Interesting.

H/t to Kolzig37 on the link


Anonymous said...

panel of experts? so a bulky wrestler(i know some are small, but they are usually on high school jv, and i know they dont mean wwe(garbage)so save it)is more flexible than a martial artist? Even worse, squash, badminton, and auto wrestling are more difficult than swimming? i know im biased but any idiot knows thats not close to true. oh yea, car racing, especially nascar, is garbage too. and since when did that even officially become a sport, when espn started their coverage? jesus.


1) Anonymous, what exactly is "auto wrestling?" Sounds like that could be more difficult than swimming! LOL

Anonymous said...

ha that could be number one, yea my mistake the frustration got to me but i think we all know what i meant