Monday, August 27, 2007

How Us Yanks Can Watch The Super Series

TSN and Rogers Sportsnet will be streaming the Super Series games live on the Intertubes. Unfortunately, if you don't have a Canadian IP address, you won't be able to watch.

Or will you?

Stik Sav reports the following way to supposedly get around that restriction (for informational purposes only, obviously - I'd never suggest you circumvent the way these sites have agreed to broadcast their games):
Go to a public proxy website like or and find an entry for a Canadian proxy server.

Then configure your browser to use the proxy.

Internet Explorer:


Once completed you should appear to be from Canada and able to enjoy the Super Series this week. Here is the broadcast schedule from TSN's website:

All times are EST
Mon, Aug. 27 Canada Russia 9am TSN & Broadband
Wed, Aug. 29 Canada Russia 9am Rogers Sportsnet & Broadband
Fri, Aug. 31 Canada Russia 8am Rogers Sportsnet & Broadband
Sat, Sept. 1 Canada Russia 6am TSN & Broadband
Tues, Sept. 4 Russia Canada 8pm TSN & Broadband
Wed, Sept. 5 Russia Canada 8pm TSN & Broadband
Fri, Sept. 7 Russia Canada 10pm Rogers Sportsnet & Broadband
Sun, Sept. 9 Russia Canada 8pm Rogers Sportsnet & Broadband
UPDATE: OFB's EmptyMaybe points to this link as another alternative.


Rage said...

Woo! UVA! Go Hoos!

JP said...

Careful... this blog resides squarely in Terrapin country.

Tyler said...

So if no one has US broadcasting rights (does no one have US broadcasting rights?), why would the federations and TSN/etc. care if USers can view the games?

JP said...

I'm sure that part of the negotiations for the rights involved the limitations of those rights to broadcast only in Canada - otherwise, why would TSN/etc. put up a wall in the first place?

Therefore, any circumvention of that setup violates someone's rights.

gustafsson said...

"...this blog resides squarely in Terrapin country."

Suddenly, Japers' Rink is not as pleasing! Go 'Hoos! ;-) (we kid because we love)

Back to the point, I was hoping would pick up the series. They webcast the World Championships back in May. The workaround is a good one and it is nice to see some real puck.

BDH said...

Anyone aware of a site posting scores in real time?

JP said...

Hey, I didn't go to Maryland (I went to Syracuse), I just pay taxes there.

Truth be told, I love C'ville (shhhh!).

As for realtime scores, I was wondering that myself (I was hoping they'd be at, but no luck). I'll see what I can find and report back.

JP said...

Here's a live blog of the game for those of us who can't watch or listen to the game.

(Thanks to Ovechkin&Semin Fan on the link).

BDH said...

JP's a fellow SU grad? I had no idea. Thanks for the tip on the live blog.