Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The First Caps Ice Girl?

It's August and the Legg Mason Tennis Classic (the local stop on the ATP Tour) is on some people's minds (head over to OWO for some coverage of the tourney) while Ice Girls (no, not that kind) are on the minds of some others.

Surely there's some overlap between tennis and hockey, no?


At the confluence of the two sports, one name immediately jumps to mind: Anna Kournikova. You know about her relationships with former Russian hockey greats Pavel Bure and Sergei Fedorov (what's that you say? Fedorov's still playing?), but what you may not have known is that Anna is apparently a Caps fan, and, with her tennis career over, seems to want to be the first Caps Ice Girl. She has even designed her own outfit. Take a look:

Sure, the team name is "Capitals" and not "CAPS," and the lettering could be bigger, but I'll give her an "A" for effort. As I said before, if you must have ice girls, make sure they're real hot. This would be a nice first step towards that end, at least.

H/t to The Big Lead on the pic

Update: Pssst... it's a joke. Anna plays in the World Team Tennis league (or whatever it is) for a team called the Sacramento Capitals, hence the outfit.


Stimpy said...

I think that would be the best signing of the summer!

Anonymous said...

That girl is still my favorite celebrity, even better she likes my favorite team. I remember when I was young and enjoyed watching tennis whereas now I just enjoy watching her ;)
Last I heard she still resides in Miami, is she going to get a place in/near DC for the season I suppose?


1) Anna's tennis career is over? When exactly did it start???