Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The "Can't-Miss Kid" Is Headed To The Hall

Another former Cap is headed to the Hall of Fame, as Bobby Carpenter will be enshrined in October. OK, so it's the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. Still, it's quite an honor for the first American-born 50-goal scorer in NHL history.

Undoubtedly a Caps great (the first-time around - not so much the second time), Carpenter not only produced for D.C. on the ice, but his trade value was enough to bring back two great assets from the Rangers in Mike Ridley and Kelly Miller on New Year's Day, 1987.

After leaving Washington, Carpenter's game evolved from scorer to Selke-caliber defensive forward, and he won a Cup with the Devils along the way, but I'll always remember his as a Cap.

Congrats, Bobby - you didn't miss.

Update: For much more on Carpenter, check out Vogel's feature over at

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