Friday, July 20, 2007

Why The Rising Tide Doesn't Lift All NHL Ships

Tom Benjamin has a really interesting post up about why the NHLPA favors a relocation of the Predators to Hamilton... and why the owners don't. It hammers home the point that without a major television deal or similar all-inclusive revenue streams, individual franchise priorities can differ from what is perhaps "in the best interest of the game" on a macro level. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Benjamin's blog has one of the most erudite readerships of all the hockey blogosphere - in addition of course to this one. I am a big fan. Of both.

JP said...

I'll go with a simple (and sincere) "thanks," but the following responses were also under consideration:

"Yeah, nothing screams 'erudite' like a fake 'Harry Potter' post."

"Thanks, mom - I'll be by later to pick up my mail."


"It's all Faux."