Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quote Of The Day

"We're not dumb, we're not cheap and we've not fallen asleep." - Stars President Jim Lites

Dallas's big offseason acquisitions so far have been Brad Winchester and Todd Fedoruk.


Tyler said...

Are you sure it wasn't Todd Fedoruk who said that? ;-)

Sherry said...

Sadly, that's about 10 times more eventful than what the Senators have done so far this off-season :P

Rage said...

I think the whole offseason thing is vastly overrated. Yes, I love what we did this offseason, but the grilling of teams that have been inactive is silly.

However, I'm not sure you were poking fun at the Stars. The quote is pretty strong on its own.

JP said...

With the Stars it's more that they've swung and missed - at Kariya, at Blake, at Kozlov - and that's wherein the frustration lies.

As for the Sens, they don't have much to do (or that they can do) other than signing Emery. And as I recall, they played in the last game of the playoffs, so I wouldn't be too concerned about their inactivity.

Doogie said...

You forgot Toby Petersen, lifeblood of the 2006-07 Edmonton Oilers.