Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ovechkin Is Happy

Wonder how the franchise feels about the latest signings? Check out this interview from Russia's Sport Express (apparently pre-Nylander).

Highlights include:
"I expect the keeper Semen Varlamov to join us in autumn as I am convinced hecan (sic) compete for the place in the goal with our first choice keeper Olie Kolzig."
Way to know your audience, Alex.
"I must say I am glad we've started reinforcing our squad as I am sick and tired of being at the bottom of the table."
Preach it, sister.

H/t to mungo on the link


Rage said...

There has to be a translation problem there. He expects Varlamov to compete with Olie for the #1 job?

That's just Ovy being Ovy, right?

And can we decide on a name for Ovy-lingo? Like a "Gilbertology" equivalent?

Marky Narc said...

Rage: I'm sure it is. Though, it be nice to see Varmint (hey, that's my new nickname for him) put a nice showing in camp.

And Ovechkinese, ain't got nothing on Tikkanese. *laughs*

Tyler said...


The Caps have assets in G. The only question is: Where will they all play? I wonder if we'll see one loaned to a non-Caps AHL franchise.

JP said...

Right before the draft, GMGM said he expected Varlamov in Russia and Neuvirth in juniors this year. I've since heard a rumor of Neuvirth playing in Hershey, and this is the first I've heard of Varlamov possibly coming over.

A lot will depend on rookie and training camps, I believe, but as for now, I'll stick with what GMGM told me.

Rage said...

Tikkanese would be hilarious, but Tik is dead to me. Dead to me.


1) Why wouldn't AO e happy. He will actually have a real center for his line this season. He'll not be the only true 1st line callibre forward out there!
2) As for the goalie situation, they should take it slow with the kids and ot rush them along. Can't see them placing Neuvirth in Hershey. He'd be the backup, and young goalies need to play to improve. Another year of juniors is just fine, then see how he's doing. Not many 19 yr old tenders in the AHL. For a reason!

Murshawursha said...

I think the way that was worded, he thinks Varmalov can compete for the number 2 slot behind Olie.

Rage said...


From the above link:
What are you doing to stay in shape this summer?: "I want to be in best shape in my career. Last year, I wasn't in my best shape. I fired my agent and I was in shock about the situation with my agent. I feel no good. My mind was no good. Right now I feel good. I just want to improve. Last year was good for me. But this year has to be better for me."

Have you started talking to the Capitals about an extension?: "It's a little bit secret."

How freaking much do I love this kid? Go ahead and guess. Because pretty much whatever you guess, it's too little.

NS said...

Ovie will get everything and anything he asks for. Good for him. Can't wait for home opener.

random qustion...when do they announce the 2007-2008 schedule?

JP said...

If I'm not mistaken, it's usually in early-to-mid-July.