Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Logos And Jerseys, Part I

The new logos and uniforms keep trickling in as the teams change over to the Reebok Edge Uniform System, and below are some of the latest.

First up, the new San Jose Sharks logo, featuring it's Japanimated shark:

Pretty cool, if you ask me, and they've got a whole host of alternate logos that you can check out here, including my personal favorite.

Then there's what's rumored to be the very-slightly-tweaked new Tampa Bay Lightning logo (for more, check 'em out at SeSo):

Nothing special (which is fitting), and almost imperceptibly different from the previous logos.

Finally, the Nashville Predators revealed their new threads:

Again, not much of a change, but man, could there be more piping?

So, what do you think?


kb said...

I really don't think that the TB logo, new or old, would've even made it into the USFL.

The AFL, maybe. Maybe.

Marky Narc said...

Not too bad, but the best uniform tweak in the offseason was from Carolina. Just adding the while line around the shoulder and neck area doesn't seem like much, but their jerseys look 100% better now.

JR said...

Piping is hell. Although I'd rather see some of that than the gratuitous side paneling which mars the otherwise nice new Caps sweaters.

Anonymous said...

check out the nhl.com poll o' the day, the caps are leading in "what teams new jersey do you like the most" or something like that. nevermind that the caps are the only team that really 'changed' anything

NS said...

always hated the SJ colors. makes me want to puke.

Biff said...

I like the new SJ logo. Ever since the Ducks changed their uniforms, the NHL has been sorely lacking in logos that look like they should be lame Saturday morning children's cartoons.