Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Caps Re-Sign Clark

Captain Courageous has re-upped with the Caps for an additional three years (he had one year remaining on his current deal). Details to follow.


Joe said...

I'm glad to hear it. I think he's as good a captain as there is in the league.

Rage said...

Huge, I love it. This guy is great.

ted said...

Clarkie is a consummate professional athelete. Good for him and good for Washington!

Anonymous said...

2.75, 2.65, 2.55, per tarik, definitely fair

JP said...

Fair? It's a bargain for what he brings to the team.

A quick glance at the other 30-goal scorers who signed new deals this off-season and the amount they signed for (and I know it's apples-to-oranges in some cases, but tough):

Vanek (43 goals, $7.143m per year)
J. Blake (40 goals, $4m per year)
Iginla (39 goals, $7m per year)
Drury (37 goals, $7.05m per year)
Smyth (36 goals,$6.25m per year)
Guerin (36 goals, $4.5m per year)
Briere (32 goals, $6.5m per year)
Horton (30 goals, $4m per year)
Clark (30 goals, $2.65m per year)

Tyler said...

Agreed: A steal for the Caps, security for Clark. Maybe most important: You gotta think AO had something to do with it, eh?

Even if the Caps finish ninth in 07-08, GMGM may have earned himself an extension with his 2nd half (Jurcina!) and with his offseason.

NS said...

great signing. happy to see him around for that long.

Joe said...

Wow, there is even 4 pages of positive comments on the Caps message board about this signing. Who would have thought that was possible?