Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Old School Caps Videos

For years I've been searching for online versions of the music videos the Caps had included with their season highlight VHS tapes back in the late '80s.

Today my search is over.

Head over to View from the Cheap Seats to check 'em all out, but I had to put up "Out on Top" here:

Simply awesome.


Marky Narc said...

And here to hoping you don't find the "ice breakers, goal shakers" video! *laugh*

CapsChick said...

I am relieved to know that I wasn't the only one who remembers these! Glad I could help...I think I've made the world a better place by adding them to YouTube.

Gustafsson said...

It's no wonder teams don't put out cheesy videos like this anymore. It's probably written into the CBA.

Anyone notice the executive producer?

Gabe said...

It seems apt that there were more highlights of crosschecks to the back than there were of goals being scored.

thedope said...

thedope said...


1) I think it is fantastic that they were able to feature a bone crushing Kevin Hatcher check. It may have been the only one in his time in DC. A more accurate video would have been the puck hopping over his stick at the blue line on the PP.

2) Neil Sheehy: executive producer?

3) I miss the old Patrick division. I'm sure many others feel differently, but I thought fighting your way out of your own division in the playoffs was fun. I'm not sure looking up to the NBA "success story" was a good reason for changing playoff format. But I'm old.

sorry for the dupe post... i had two windows open