Monday, June 04, 2007

Hey, Bryan, Make Yourself Useful

As Bryan Muir's last few days as a member of the Washington Capitals wind down (he'll presumably be an unrestricted free agent on July 1), it looks like he has drawn the proverbial short straw with regards to his Players Association duties:
The NHL Players' Association has named Eric Lindros of the Dallas Stars, Shawn Horcoff of the Edmonton Oilers and Bryan Muir of the Washington Capitals to an advisory committee to begin the search for a leader to replace the fired Ted Saskin.

The players will meet with heads of unions and corporations for ideas on the qualities they should look for in candidates for the union's top job, an NHLPA spokesman said.

They are to present their findings at an executive board meeting in June.

The board will then form a search committee. It hopes to have a new union head in place in the fall.
Pick a winner, BMuir!



1) Wonder how they came to choose those three? Is it like jury duty? LOL Of the three only Horcoff is assured of a job next season.

JP said...

All three are (for the moment) team player reps. But as you note, come July 1 Muir and Lindros might not have teams.

Snktimoniuz said...

I remember during the season Joe B and Laughlin had an after game broadcast from the Dewars Club and Muir was their guest. While he'll never be a Norris Trophy candidate, Brian seemed pretty articulate and sharp in his discussion of the game. Who knows, maybe he's actually good at the political/business side of the sport.