Friday, June 01, 2007

Get To Know: Alexei Cherepanov And Maxim Mayorov

A special Russian twofer this evening - profiles of Alexei Cherepanov and Maxim Mayorov over at the FanHouse.

I think there's a pretty good chance that Cherepanov will be the best player available once the fifth pick rolls around. The question is, will it be the Caps staying put and making that pick?

Anyway, here's a little Cherepanov for your viewing pleasure:

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Scai said...

Cherepanov is by far the best player of this year's draft. 17 goals playing against men as a 17 year old, shattering Bure's record, besting Ovechkin, Malkin and whoever. Compare that to those little boys playing in boys' leagues that are considered to go Number 1.
The ignorance of the ordinary NHL-GM will be a good thing for the Caps, supposed McPhee is smart enough to pick Cherepanov if he's available.