Friday, June 22, 2007

Draft Day Open Thread

We'll have more later, but I figured I'd put this up for y'all to discuss any and everything that happens today and tonight.

By the way, I love today. It's like Trade Deadline day, except everyone can be a buyer.


Dezlboy said...

Shouldn't the draft board have the new Caps logo? :-)

Anonymous said...

Doesn anyone really believe that Wayne Redden is not a #1 defenseman? Yes he had a terrible playoffs - but he wasnt the reason Ottawa got pounded by the Ducks. It was the Nancy boys, Alfie/Spez/Dany who wouldnt play chip it in, chip it out.
I would be happy with a Redden trade, to pair with Potsy.

Tyler said...

I love how anonymice use the first-person pronoun. Who exactly is "I?"

And why is it the NHL couldn't get all the first-round teams onto two boards? That third board is mighty empty over there.

ted said...

I think any deal with Redden would be too steep in terms of salary. I think a better option would be Rafalski.

While not related to the draft, a report has Lang out of Detroit. Any one want to see him centering Ovie here in DC?

I know there are a few UFAs out there that are probably better, but he sure would be an upgrade and he would be cheaper and easier to come by than Drury or Gomez.